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Baker School Playground


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Playground
  3. Small Play Area
  4. Soccer and Lacrosse Fields
  5. Softball Field
  6. Tennis Court


Baker School Playground includes significant grade changes. The highest point is in the front playground and field area, with a steep drop to the tennis court. Mature oaks and a garden are located at the front of the property. The recreational facilities include 5 tennis courts, a small play area, one and one-half basketball courts, and a softball infield. The wooded hillside behind the fields and the tennis courts are adjacent to the D. Blakely Hoar Conservation Area.

Park History

This property was purchased in 1935 in conjunction with the building of the Baker School. In 1949, the town constructed 5 tennis courts. The playground was renovated in 1999 to 2000. The tennis courts were resurfaced in 2004.

Deed / Title / Restrictions

The land was acquired in 1935 as a donation / bequest from its original owner, Management Corp. No restrictions apply to this property.

Additional Information

  • Category: School Playground
  • Size: 11.27 acres
  • Protection: None
  • Manager: Brookline DPW, Parks and Open Space Division
  • Location: Beverly Road
  • Precinct: 16
  • Inventory Date: November 01, 2004, revised February 1, 2005
  • Vicinity: Located adjacent to D. Blakely Hoar Sanctuary in a single and multifamily neighborhood
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