Permit Reservation

Permit Reservations are required for: 

* For the Shelter, Barbecue, and Picnic reservations, your reservation/sales receipt serves as your permit.

Regardless of the space you are looking to reserve, if there will be any catering or entertainment, a special events permit is required. If you are unsure whether your event warrants a special permit, please call the recreation office at (617)730-2069.

2024 LARZ ANDERSON PARK Picnic Reservation Here: Reservations

Larz Anderson Park reservations will begin  Tuesday, January 23  at 10:00AM 

*NOTE* - Top of the Hill Ceremony site is closed for reservations due to road construction

About the Park

Larz Anderson is the largest park in Brookline. The park offers commanding views of the city of Boston, an enclosed children's play area, picnic areas, ball fields, a figure-eight lagoon, and architectural features for wedding ceremonies. Larz Anderson Park is sure to be the perfect spot for your outing or event.

Shelter Area

The shelter, a covered area can accommodate up to 85 people, consists of 8 covered picnic tables, 3 uncovered picnic tables, and 6 charcoal grills.

Individual Barbecue Area

There are 12 individual barbecue areas throughout the park. Each barbecue area can accommodate up to 8 adults, consists of 1 table and 1 charcoal grill.  


Wedding Ceremony Locations at Larz Anderson Park

The Temple of Love (closed for the 2021 season), the tempietto, modeled after the Temple of Love at Versailles, is located at the side of the pond. This area can accommodate up to 100 people.

The Top of the Hill is located on the Goddard Avenue and Newton Street side of the property near the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. It is the highest point of the park, with an exceptional view of Boston Skyline, and consists of a cement platform with semi-circular bench structure. This area can accommodate up to 150 people.

The Allee is located on Goddard Avenue and Newton Street side of the property, and is a double row of trees leading to a semicircular cement bench structure. This area can accommodate up to 50 people and is only reserved for ceremonies.

Wedding Ceremony Location at Corey Hill Park

The most significant attribute of this park is its hilltop location and striking view of Boston and Cambridge. The park is divided in two by Summit Avenue. This potential disruption is ameliorated by the mature oaks and maples that line both edges of the street, clearly defining the sides of the park. The southern parcel contains a playground and the northern parcel has a sundial and large open sloped lawn. The sundial memorial in the northern parcel is dedicated to Shirley Sidd, former Town Treasurer. The sundial permitted for wedding ceremonies only. Permits are issued on a first come, first served basis.

Skyline Shelter Season (April-October)

This 15-acre multi-generational community park was completed in the spring of 2008 and includes a regulation size synthetic turf soccer field, play areas, picnic areas, a picnic shelter without grills, walking paths, with parking and connections to the Lost Pond Nature Sanctuary. The park is located off Newton Street close to the Horace James Circle in South Brookline. The Picnic Shelter, a covered area, consists of three picnic tables, can accommodate groups of up to 35 people. 

Reservation Permits For Larz Anderson Park and Skyline Park

Permits for a bbq area, shelter, or a wedding ceremony may be issued either for the entire day or in a half day increment (10:00AM-2:30PM or 3:00PM-7:30PM). The fields are open to the public as first come first served basis unless a permit has been issued.

VEHICLES: The permit holder shall park all vehicles in designated parking areas only. Private vehicles are not permitted to drive on paths within the park.

DOG POLICY: Dogs are not allowed off leash in the park, except for designated Green Dog areas, during the permitted hours and with correct licenses. For more information regarding the Green Dog Program at Larz Anderson Park, please visit

PERMITTED: Pop-up tents (10x10), sun shelters, and volleyball/badmitten nets are permitted as long as they do not interfere with other park guests, and can be removed or relocated at the discretion of the Park Ranger.

NOT PERMITTED: Farm animals, alcoholic beverages, fireworks/rockets, powder cannons, portable grills, hibachis, inflatables, motor vehicles, fishing, boating, or skating in the lagoon, disposing charcoal in the trash barrels, or amplification equipment. These rules are strictly enforced, and items may be removed at the discretion of the Park Ranger.

Reserve a Picnic Table at One of Brookline Parks (April - October)

Many parks in Brookline have a picnic area available for exclusive use. Picnic areas consist of one picnic table that can be reserved for small events accommodating up to 40 people. There is a 2 hour minimum when reserving a picnic area. If you would like to reserve a picnic table for exclusive use, you can make the reservation online or call (617) 730-2069. If the event will consist of more than 40 people, a special event application must be submitted.

Caterer or Entertainer

If a caterer or entertainer will be hired by the renter, a Certificate of Liability is required for $1,000,000.00 with the Town of Brookline. The additional insurence must be submitted to the Recreation Department with the permit holder's name and permit date referenced. Caterers CANNOT bring their own grills to the park.

Larz Anderson Park

Half Day (10:00AM - 2:30PM or 3:00PM - 7:30PM) ; Full Day (10:00AM - 7:30PM)
Rental Fees
Individual Barbecue Area Half Day $45 $90
Individual Barbecue Area Full Day $90 $180
Shelter Area Half Day $175 $275
Shelter Area Full Day $350 $550
Wedding Ceremony Half Day $175 $275

Skyline Park (no grills located at this site)

Half Day (10:00AM - 2:30PM or 3:00PM - 7:30PM) ; Full Day (10:00AM - 7:30PM)
Rental Fees
Shelter Area Half Day $175 $275
Shelter Area Full Day $350 $550

Brookline Parks Individual Picnic Table

Time Increments (10:00AM - 12:00PM, 1:00PM - 3:00PM, 4:00PM - 6:00PM) - Must be a 2 hour minimum reservation
Rental Fee
Picnic Area per Hour $25 $50

Reserve a Field at One of Brookline Parks (April - October)

A permit must be obtained from Brookline Recreation in order to use a playing field. Field permits can be reserved no more than two weeks in advance of the day you wish to use the field. Field use may be limited as the Brookline School Department, Recreation, and Brookline Youth Sports have first preference on all fields. Fields are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call (617) 730-2069 to check availability before submitting a permit application. 

Liability/Insurance for User Groups

Liability insurance holding the Town of Brookline harmless is required for all long‐term reservations, special events and tournaments. User groups not affiliated with Brookline Recreation will be required to produce a Certificate of Liability for $1,000,000.00 with the Town of Brookline added as the additionally insured. The certificate must be submitted to the Recreation Department with the permit holder's name and permit date(s) referenced.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be granted for inclement weather. Rescheduling, changing of the date, time or location will not be honored. 

Park Maintenance

If you have any concerns regarding playground equipment or park maintenance, please call Brookline Park and Open Space at (617)879-5650.