Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center (EKAC)

Pool reoppened on 10/5/20 with limtied space and programs. Click here for FAQ. Click here to reserve a swim time .

Private Lessons

Private swim lessons are taught by certified and/or experienced instructors, are offered during open swim, occasionally during lap swim and run concurrently with our group lesson sessions. Private swim lessons allow the instructor to focus solely on the needs of their student. Private Lessons are not open ended, they are scheduled by session. 
Private lessons are only offered to Brookline Residents. Each lesson is 30 minutes (or 60 minutes for double the cost).

Type of Lesson
Number of Students
Private 1 Student $45
Semi-Private 2 Students $65
Group 3 Students $80

Admission Fees

Type of User (Based on Per Swim) Resident
Adult Daily Swim $6 $8
Reduced Rate Daily Swim $4 $6
Under 24 months Daily Swim Free Free
Adult Swipe Card (16 swims) $90 $120
Reduced Rate Swipe Card (16 swims) $60 $90
Yearly Family Pass $720 $970
Yearly Adult Pass
$480 $650
Yearly Reduced Rate Pass
$320 $400
The Reduced Rate is available for seniors, students, veterans and disabled participants.